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New Year’s Day Gun Auction

2601 Lake Land Blvd. Mattoon, IL

Tuesday, January 1st – – 9:00am

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Preview: Monday, Dec. 31st 5:00pm to 8:00pm

(Partial Listing)

350+ Hand Guns inc/ Colt SAA’s 1st – 3rd Gen 7 ½ “ US, Rim Fire; Colt Python Nickel .38 Target NIB; Colt Woodsmen MT; Colt 1905 2 Digit Serial Number 96%; 4 Japanese Hand guns; Colt Percussion Revolvers; U.S. 1911’s & A1’s; Great Collection of Lugers inc/ Navy, American Eagle, Siamese, Krieghoff Luftwaffe, Luger Carbine; H&K’s; Kimbers; Broomhandle’s; S&W 53 Jet; 8 Performance Center S&W Revolvers, NIB; Nice Webleys; Browning Hi Power; Rem. XP’s; Colt New Service; Ruger Revolvers; S&W 41’s; 300+ Rifles inc/ 1860 Henry, engraved, 24” oct.; Win. Levers inc/ 73 Engraved, 94 Takedown & button mag, 86 .45-70 & .45-90; 73 .44-40 Hi condition, 94 Deluxe Takedown; 66 Cabine mfg. 1870; Win. Highwall Schuetzen .32-40; Win. 54 .22 Hornet; Win. 70’s & 43’s inc/ .25-20; Kimber Super America; Weatherbys; Kimber 84M; Sako Vixen; A Bolts; Cooper, Rem 700’s & 722’s; Ruger No. 1’s; Win. 88’s; Ruger 77’s; K98 Mausers; Win. 52 Sporter; Win. 63; S&W Revolving Rifle; M1 Garands inc/ IH; Win. 61’s inc/ Shot; Anshutz; Browning Auto 22’s; Uberti Levers; Browning T-Bolts; Savage 99’s; Trap doors; Marlin 39’s; Colt & Springfield Muskets; Sharps SRC; Marlin 93 .32-40; Civil War Carbines; Black Rifles in AR’s, FAL, Steyr; 300+ Shotguns inc/ Charles Green 10ga cased 2 barrel set; Parkers; Ithaca; Win 42’s inc. Pre War Skeet; Win. 12’s inc. Trap; Ruger Red Label; SKB; Rem 1100’s inc. 28ga.; Webley & Scott; Browning 90; AYA; Verona; Win. 97 Trench Gun; Weatherby Orion; Franchi; Several Sporting Shotguns;

2 Auction Rings Begin at 9:00am: Ring 1 sells guns 1 -699 in catalog order (guns in this ring are eligible for phone bidding)

Ring 2 sells guns 700 & up in catalog order (not eligible for phone bids)

For Questions and Details

Ron Baker Jr., FFL, 217-273-5056

Hank Bauer, Auctioneer, 217-259-5956