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900+ Firearms at Auction

Sunday, December 1st  — 9:00 AM

2601 Lakeland Blvd Mattoon, IL

 2 Auction Rings

Auction preview Sat. Evening November 30th 5:00pm – 8:00pm

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Gatling Guns – – Military – – Win. 21s – – Lever Actions

SAA’s – – Pythons – – Sporting – – Collecting & More

Custom machinist made .45-70, full scale, functioning Gatling Gun & oak carriage; Custom machinist made .30 carbine, full scale, functioning Gatling Gun on oak tripod; Marlin Ballard .45-70; Win. 1866, 73, 86, 92, 94’s, 61’s, 63; Marlin 39’s; 1894 CB, 1893; Savage 99’s; .22LR Target Rifles inc./ Anschutz, Browning 1886; Kimber 8400; Ruger No. 1’s & 3’s; Weatherby Rifles; Browning & Winchester Hi Walls; AR’s inc/ Colt; M1 Garands & Carbines; S/A, SAR-48 & SAR-8; AK’s inc/Norinco; 4 German WWII Mausers; S/A, M1A; H&K 91; Trap doors; Mini 14’s, 03’s; 1917s; Pre 98 & Modern Kentucky Rifles & Muzzle Loaders, Ruger, Remington, Savage, Sporting Rifles; Henry Lever Actions; 2- Win. 21’s Skeet & Cyl/Cyl; 3- Win. 23’s inc/ Light Duck, Gold Quail, Pigeon; German Drillings; Browning BSS, BT-99, Citoris; Superposed inc/ Pigeon Grade, A-5’s; Win. 101’s, 101 Pigeon Grade, 12’s & 12y, 97’s, 42’s; Parker inc/ CHE Grade & DHE Grade 12 ga; L. C. Smith; Ruger Red Labels; Remington 1100’s; Benelli inc/ Black Eagle; Baretta 686S; Parker DHE 20 ga. Reproductions; Win. Super X 1; Marlin 90; Great Collection of Colt SAA’s: London, Factory Letters, Etched Panel, John Wayne Commemoratives, U.S. Calvary; Colt Pythons inc/ Target .38; Colt Scouts; Colt Diamondbacks .22 & .38; Colt Gold Cup; S&W Revolvers & Pistols: S&W 10, 15,16,17,25; Pre 26, 27,28,29, 31, 36,39,41,48, 60,61,66,637, 686, 500, K22, 1905, Performance Center; German Luger(s); Browning Hi Power; War Time Walther Hand Guns; U.S. 1911’s & A1’s; Webley; Radoms; Rare Husqvarna 1907; Colt Percussion; Colt Service Ace; Early Colt Autos; Colt Woodsman MT; Mustang; Several Colt Government Models; Ruger Single & Double Action Revolvers; STARR Civil War Revolver; Sigs, Glocks; Kimbers; Springfield Armory; TC Desert Eagles .357 & .44; Bond Arms; H&K; Taurus; Remington XP

Auction preview Sat. Evening November 30th 5:00pm – 8:00pm

Ron Baker, FFL (217)273-5056

View Catalog & Bid Now!

Beginning at 9:00am: Ring 1 will sell gun 1 to 699 & Ring 2 will sell gun 700 & up.

Ways to bid on these items:

1. Attend the auction, bid in the crowd (no buyer premium, know instantly if you win, complete transfer paperwork that day)

2.Place prebids (absentee bids) here on this catalog, this bidding will shut off at 8:00am on Sunday morning and will not be updated until 48hrs after the auction closes. ( pay a buyer premium, delay in knowing the results, delay in processing paperwork).

3. Submit phone bids, meaning you send us a list of guns you want us to call you on (click the submit phone bids button on the catalog), we call you when those guns come up for bid. ( know immediately if you win, delay in processing paperwork) If there is a tie bid between your absentee bid and the crowd in live attendance, the live bidder wins the bid.

Necessary Paperwork: Illinois Buyer w/FOID Planning to Pickup: valid updated copy of your FOID card & Driver’s License, bring it with you to registration or submit it to us at ffl@bauerauction.com

Out of State Buyer: a valid FFL you want us to ship you purchases to

Illinois FFL: Bring a valid, updated copy of your license or submit it to us at ffl@bauerauction.com Out of State FFL: provide that to us at ffl@bauerauction.com

Shipping: Shipping guns is not a high priority immediately after the auction is over. If you buy online and require shipping it could be 2 to 3 weeks after the auction before the guns are shipped.

ILLINOIS BUYERS WHO WANT TO PICK UP FIREARMS Firearms transfer requires 4473 paperwork or FFL. Form 4473 must be filled out in person before waiting period begins. Form 4473 can be filled out during preview or during auction day however will not be called in to State Police until successful purchase.

OUT OF STATE BUYERS WHO NEED GUNS SHIPPED Be in touch with a local FFL & have their license ready to be sent to us in the event that you make a purchase.