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General Auction Gun Sales 

Summer Firearm Auction

 Sunday, July 19th 

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Winchester Levers 73’s, 94’s, 86; Marlin Levers; Savage 99’s; Trapdoor S/A; German Mausers; Win 52 Target; Ruger No 1’s; Shiloh Sharps .45-70; DSA FAL; M1 Garands & Carbines; SA M1A; Marlin 39’s; Weatherby Rifles; H&K SR9; Win 70’s inc/ Super Grade; Newton; Win 54 .22 Hornet; Henny Levers; Win 43 .218 Bee; Anschute 54 Sporter; Win 1885 .40-70; BSA; Browning BAR’s; Rem 40X .22; Sako Forester; Browning Safari; Savage 1920; 25 Winchester Lever Action Commemorative’s NIB; Several AR-15 Rifles inc/ Colt; Krieghoff KX6 12ga; Browning BSS 12ga; Ljutic Trap Gun; Ithaca 4E; Win 101 12ga; Beretta 471 20ga; Browning Superposed 20 & 12ga; Beretta 686 28ga; Win 12’s & 97’s; Browning Liege; Nice English Double’s; Semi Auto Handguns; Glocks; H&K; Colt Gov’t; Colt Woodsman; Kimber; Servicel Model Ace; High Standard; Colt 1902 & 03; Lugers; Sigs; Browning Hi Power; AMT .50 AE; CZ; S/A; Japan Type 14; Astra; Walther; Nice Offering S&W & Ruger Revolvers; Colt Anaconda; Pythons; King Cobra; Diamondback; Colt SAA & Frontier Scouts; Colt New Service; Bond Arms; T/C; Webley; Hammerli Target Pistol;


Live Internet Simulcast Bidding with hibid.com & Proxibid.com

Due to pricing structures for these online bid platforms terms will be as follows

www.proxibid.com successful bidders will pay 18% buyer premium with a 3% discount for paying cash, check or bank transfer.

www.HiBid.com successful bidders will pay 8% buyer premium with 3% discount for paying cash, check or bank transfer

This is not what Bauer Auction Service, LLC wants, this is not what General Auction Gun Sales/Ron Baker Jr. wants. We are required to comply with the guidelines put in place by Illinois government. It has been made clear that failure to comply would result in jeopardizing our state issued auctioneer and FFL licensing. Facility doors will be locked July 19th, the building will not be open to the public.

Ron Baker, FFL. (217) 273-5056

View Full Catalog & Bid Now!