Frequently Asked Questions

New to the Auction World?….How it Works….

If you are thinking about having your own auction or have a large collection or estate to liquidate do not hesitate to call us. A call or consultation visit costs nothing!


Q: How do I bring items in to consign?

A: The General Auction building is open 9am to 5pm on Thursdays to accept items for consignment auctions.


Q: Is there a minimum or maximum that I can sell?

A: We will sell one item or a building full!


Q: What if I can’t get my items to you?    

A: We are happy to offer pick up/hauling services. We can tailor this service to fit your situation. Whether it is a pile of items in the garage or a home/garage full. Call us at 217-235-5795 for more information on this service.


Q. Who decided if my items sell on Tuesday or in the Antique Auction?

A: We use our knowledge and expertise in the auction industry as well as local markets to help determine when to sell your items.


Q: Where do I put my items once I get them there?

A: We provide tables, wagons, lockable showcases


Q: Who displays my items?

A: The person who brings in the items is responsible for unpacking and displaying the items with our guidance


Q: Do my items get advertised?

A: Yes, items are pictured & described on

If you have specialty items we are happy to go over our additional advertising options

How to Buy at Auction

Auctions can be a fun, exciting and engaging way to buy unique items or items you need around the house at a considerably lower price then off the store shelf.


Q: What forms of payment are accepted?

A:Bauer Auction Service, LLC. accepts Cash, Illinois checks, and credit/debit cards with a 3% convenience fee. There is a $35.00 fee on returned checks.


Q: What is my first step to bid at auction?

A: Locate the cashier office or trailer. Have your ID & a refundable $1 ready.

Be prepares to provide/confirm your phone number. We do these steps each time you register to insure we have the most up to date info in the computer.

After you are done participating auction, bring us back your clean, unbent bid card and you get your $1 back.

Each person needs their own bid card. Auctioneers will not accept handmade bid cards or number written on your hand.


Q: How do I know what is being sold?

A: The people working the ring will be holding or indicating the item being sold at that moment. If you are ever unsure ask immediately. Do not wait and either miss out on the item or buy the wrong thing.

When bidding please remember the auctioneer is one person in front of a large crowd. Often people are spread out and standing in blind spots. Hold your bid card high and leave it up until you are done bidding. Winking, nodding your head, or waving could cost you the item.


Q: When can I take my item?

A: Generally, you can and should take possession of your item immediately. Some bidders carry labels or stickers to mark larger items as the auction is fast paced and moves from item to item quickly.

ALWAYS examine the item before you bid on it. All sales are final. When the auctioneer says sold and your bidder number is recorded you are responsible for paying for it.

Take possession of your item IMMEDIATELY. Once the auctioneer says sold anything that happens to the items is your responsibility. You are able to leave your items here. Bauer Auction Service, LLC. DOES NOT guarantee the safety or security of your items. Always put your name, phone number, and expected pick up date on EACH item you plan to leave here. Items left here for 72hrs will be disposed of and no refunds will be issued.


Q: I see items I want, but I can’t attend the auction, how can I bid?

A: Bauer Auction Service, LLC. does offer the option of absentee or phone bidding to buyers who are unable to attend the auction. There is a 15% buyer premium added to the selling price of the item. A form of payment must be left with all absentee bids. Bids left without form of payment will not be honored.

Upon leaving absentee bids based on pictures you are assuming all risk for that the item is what it appears to be. Please call to ask questions about the item prior to the day of the sale.

Plan to pick up items purchased by absentee within the 72hr. time frame. If item is left longer than 72hrs. it will be disposed of. No refunds will be issued.