Ron Baker, Jr.
(217) 273-5056

Ron travels all over the Midwest picking up firearm estates
Call Ron for Consignments at 217-273-5056 or Hank Bauer at 217-259-5956 for advertising & questions

We have sales 4 times a year, selling over 4,000 guns annually


December 30th and December 31st


March 16th & 17th

July 20th &21st

November 30th and December 1st

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We accept consignments year round for these auctions. Feel free to talk with Ron Baker Jr., FFL (217-273-5056) or Hank Bauer, Auctioneer (217 -259-5956) about which sale your items would sell best in.

We charge a sliding scale commission rate that is based on the selling price of the firearm. There are NO hidden fees or extra charges to our sellers. We firmly believe in keeping our rates as simple and auction friendly as possible. For more information please contact Ron Baker Jr., FFL at 217-273-5056 or Hank Bauer, Auctioneer at 217-259-5956.

You can sell as many or as few items as you would like to. Our commission is per item; there are no discounts or extra charges based on the quantity of items.

Ron Baker, JR., FFL, reserves the right to catalog & describe firearms based on his experience and expertise in the firearm market. Always provide him with all the information you have on your firearms.

Ron travels all over the Midwest picking up collections of firearms for people who do not have the means to transport the items themselves. Simple call Ron Baker Jr. at 217-273-5056 to discuss your collection and he will work with you to help find the best way to handle your situation.

Payment is mailed out after the auction is complete and payment is collected. Payment timeframes vary. When dropping off items to be sold always make sure we have your most recent mailing address.

We understand there are circumstances that prohibit people from being able to attend our sales in person. Therefore, we offer both an absentee or phone bidding option. The difference between the two processes is simple, with phone bidding we call you at least 2 guns before yours come up, establish a good connection with you, then when your gun comes up we relay the bidding information to you and bid on your behalf. Forms are posted online when the catalog is made available.