Email Irrevocable Phone Bid

  1. Phone Bidders/Absentee Bidders are subject to a 10% Buyers Premium charge for the convenience of not being in attendance. This buyers premium is capped at $100.00.
  2. Bids are entered for the lowest amount then incrementally raised using the prevailing increments. For example: a $200 bid might start out at $50.00 and be raised by $10.00 increments up to, but not exceeding, the maximum bid amount. We will purchase for you at the lowest incremental price.
  3. Successful bidders will be notified first by email. Shipping and insurance will be billed separately. Personal checks and cash payment are accepted as well with only an additional charge for shipping and insurance.
  4. Please allow 1-3 weeks processing time after receiving payment before guns will be shipped. Shipping will be through USPS and all packages must be insured at the purchaser’s expense.
  5. All modern firearms must be shipped to a licensed FFL holder. Antique and Pre 98 can be shipped to personal residence.
  6. If your maximum bid is equal to the bid an auctioneer has live in attendance, the bid onsite will win the bid.
  7. In the event of 2 phone bids of the same amount the first bid received will be honored.
  8. All firearms are sold as-is with no guarantee or return privilege, please phone or email for more specific details concerning condition.

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